Ljubljana Castle

Upcoming Talk - 6th March 2019

The Slovenian practice Ambient has been working on Ljubljana Castle since winning the design competition for it's renovation held in 1969. Over the following decades Ambient have completed a systematic renovation of the castle and it's grounds, driven by the underlying principle that the castle is a key aspect of the cultural life of the Slovenian capital and influenced by the inheritance of the architectural tradition stemming from Otto Wagner and Jožef Plečnik.

The work carried out by Ambient includes the stabilisation and renovation of the structural elements of the castle, the insertion of new cultural facilities and the construction of a funicular railway connecting the castle to the city below. The significant span of time Ambient has spent on this project has presented them with the continual development of their brief, substantial changes in their client team and, more recently, the prospect of renovating work carried out by the practice decades before.

The architect Martin Ravnikar will be presenting an introduction to this remarkable project at Jonathan Tuckey Design, 58 Milson Road at 7:30pm on Wednesday 6th March of 2019.

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Images © Ambient d.o.o.