Henley Halebrown Architects

Upcoming Talk - 6th February 2019

In February 2019 we will be joined by the architect Simon Henley, director of the Sterling Prize nominated Henley Halebrown Architects.

Revealing a keen engagement with place and the existing fabric in which they are tasked to build, the work of Henley Halebrown Architects is characterised by a search for continuity. Drawing upon both the material and cultural resources present within the scope of a project, they seek to strengthen the social fabric of the communities in which they work. Through the re-use of existing building elements and a deeply-felt participation with architectural tradition, their projects exhibit a strong sense of both the timely and the timeless.

More details of the talk to follow.

The talk will take place at the offices of Jonathan Tuckey Design, 58 Milson Road at 7:30pm, Wednesday 6th February 2019. Please join us for a drink before, or after, the talk.

RSVP to rsvp@buildingonthebuilt.org to reserve a place.

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