31/44 Architects: Whitechapel Bell Foundry  

Physical Models

The following photographs are of 1:20 scale models by 31/44 Architects, made for their project to transform the Whitechapel Bell Foundry in Spitalfields, East London.

3144_The Bell Foundry_Link Block Model Courtyard view.jpg
3144_The Bell Foundry_Link Block Model Fieldgate Street Facade.jpg
3144_The Bell Foundry_Mews elevation.jpg
3144_The Bell Foundry_Mews elevation oblique.jpg
3144_The Bell Foundry_Bell cote_flat on.jpg
3144_The Bell Foundry_Bell cote.jpg
3144_The Bell Foundry_Link Block Model_New structure within the existing building.jpg
3144_The Bell Foundry_Mulberry Street Corner_Flat on.jpg
3144_The Bell Foundry_Mulberry Street Corner.jpg


Published 24th March 2019