Henley Halebrown Architects: Morphology and Matter

Upcoming Talk - 6th February 2019

In February 2019 we will be joined by the architect Simon Henley, director of the Stirling Prize nominated Henley Halebrown Architects.

Established in 1995, HHbr are a London-based, internationally acclaimed architectural practice whose portfolio includes several large-scale projects that have successfully revitalised existing buildings and whose work demonstrates a keen sense of the opportunities presented by embracing continuity; both in terms of the value of existing built fabric and also with regard to the inherited legacy of architectural tradition.

In 2018 HHbr completed their first buildings as part of their masterplan for The University of Roehampton, Chadwick Hall. This complex of three new student residences has been skilfully inserted into the grounds of the eighteenth century Downshire House and sits adjacent to the neighbouring Alton West Housing Estate, completed by the LCC in 1958. The integrity of the new buildings and the way in which they preserve, enhance and honour their context was recognised by the project's nomination for the 2018 Stirling Prize.

Simon Henley combines practice with teaching, writing and research and has published several books on architecture including 2017's Redefining Brutalism. Simon's talk will include Chadwick Hall and other HHbr projects and will touch on the causality between vernacular construction and typology, the loss of this phenomenon in more recent architecture and ways in which the practice has sought to derive an architecture through the construction of liminal space.

The talk will take place at the offices of Jonathan Tuckey Design, 58 Milson Road at 7:30pm, Wednesday 6th February 2019. Please join us for drinks, questions and conversation.

RSVP to rsvp@buildingonthebuilt.org to reserve a place.

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