Kingston School of Art, 2019

While not all re-use proposals, strictly speaking, the three projects we present here are all concerned with building on the rich cultural and material infrastructure the students have identified within their sites. Through the re-playing of local building types, the surgical adaptation of existing buildings or the deployment of bold structural engineering to shelter fragile city life, the three approaches presented here demonstrate a pursuit of architecture as preservation through transformation.

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The Interweaving by Aws Hamad

Undergraduate Tutors: Inigo Cornago & Christoph Leuder

Redevelopment of Studio Voltaire by Youjin Cui

Diploma Tutors: Jason Whiteley and Donald Matheson

A Tower in the City by Joseph Murray

Diploma Tutors: Adam Kahn and Juliette Scalbert



Curated by Annas Mojaddi and Peter Youthed